Michael Chion defined the term Synchresis to mean “the spontaneous and irresistible weld produced between a particular auditory phenomenon and visual phenomenon when they occur at the same time”

"The 5-19" from Paperhouse by Peter Newman

"The 5-19" from Paperhouse by Peter Newman

Synchresis DVD
The Synchresis DVD, curated by Mitchell Whitelaw brought together ten Australian sound artists: Gordon Monro, Wade Marynowsky, Peter Newman, Jean Poole, BotBorg, Julian Oliver & Steven Pickles, Robin Fox, Andrew Gadow and Abject Leader.

3000 copies were circulated in Filter Issue 66 nationally and internationally and the DVD was launched at the Chauvel Cinema Sydney with live performances by Robin Fox, Peter Newman and Ian Andrews.

Synchresis Performance
To launch the Synchresis DVD a ground breaking performance was held at the Chavel Cinema In Sydney. Artists Robin Fox, Peter Newman and Ian Andrews were properly showcased at a well attended event that acknowledged the significant work undertaken by the Australian sound art community.

The Synchresis DVD works can be seen on ANAT’s Vimeo Channel.

ANAT, Filter Issue 66 Synchresis, 2007 – THE_GEEK_FROM_SWAMPY_CREEK by Wade Marynowsky from ANAT on Vimeo.

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