Raw Space Residency :: Joanna Callaghan

21 November to 17 December 2005, Brisbane Australia

During my residence I researched and presented new work entitled ‘remember now’. I also gave a talk at the QUT Art Museum in association with Artworkers and held a number of meetings with curators and artists from various institutions and networks which have resulted in preliminary planning of projects.


  • Time & space to research a new piece of work
  • An opportunity to present some of that research
  • Networking with artists and curators
  • Communicating my practice within an Australian context

7 December: 5-6pm ‘ An Artists Survival Guide to London’ QUT Art Museum, in association with Artworkers
16 December: remember now: Exhibition & Performance, Blacklab Gallery

25 November: Michael Hawker, Curatorial Assistant, Australian Art Queensland Art Gallery ”
25 November: Nicola Morgan, Artworkers Alliance 26 November: Jose Da Silva, Industry Development Officer, Artworkers Alliance
30 November: Grant Stevens, QUT 1 December: Eleanor & James Avery, artists
2 December: Ryan Renshaw, Gallery Director, Blacklab Gallery 5 December: Danni Zuvela, writer & historian, ReelScreen
5 December: Wilkins Hill, artists
10 December: Holly Ardell, writer
15 December: Mike Stubbs, Exhibitions Manager, ACMI 16 December: Glen Henderson, artist & curator
17 December: Robert Leonard, IMA


  • An international screening project co-curated with Danni Zuvela
  • A screening project for the IMAs screening room
  • “PowerWalkers”: A new video work to be developed from material gathered in Brisbane during the four weeks
  • remember now 16 December, 11-9pm exhibition and performance Blacklab Gallery, 137 Warry St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
  • WorkChoices 2006 Calender 30 x 45cm, inkjet print edition 8 Joanna Callaghan, 2005
  • Falconio Trial Memento Series Digital images on cork coasters (set of 4), mug edition 1 Joanna Callaghan, 2005 Michelle Leslie Bikini with Matching Burqua: Performance DVD 5’ Joanna Callaghan, 2005 Postcards: series of 6
  • 19.5 x 15cm, digital photographs on card edition 8 Joanna Callaghan, 2005

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