Time_Place_Space3 :: Richard Lagarto

2004 :: Adelaide, Australia
TPS3 was a fantastic opportunity and great fun. It was the first time I have been in Adelaide out of Festival time; I have always wanted to experience the real Adelaide.

I spent much time experimenting and playing with the equipment at TPS3, all the time being surrounded by people that could offer help and guidance, creating a fantastic environment. I felt I had the time and place to embrace technology that I had previously only used through other artists who had the knowledge and skills. I can now engage with this technology and include it into my arts practice in a much deeper and more exciting way. Once I complete my honors I plan to spend a lot of time furthering the learning I received at TPS3.

Since I saw Guillermo Gomez-Pena’s work in Sydney in 2001 I have become very interested in the installation side of performance and the technical skills and confidence I have gained will prove invaluable as I continue this focus.

The many benefits of my attendance at TPS3 include:
* Learning to use a video editing program
* Learning to create composite animations
* Learning more about a video projector, particularly with images after they leave the lens
* Experimenting, investigating, collaborating and networking
* Observation of other artists practices

Specific highlights included meeting Marianne Weems, John Cleater, John Gilles and Teresa Crea. The best thing for me, was the opportunity to be an artist for two week without the pressure of producing a final product, in an environment with like minded people, allowing me to investigate, practice and expand my craft. I cannot remember the last time I was able to do that in such a concentrated and positive way.







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