1995 Winter School

The aim of the ANAT Winter School in 1995 was to provide knowledge and practical skills in the production of multimedia titles. The particular focus of this school required participants to already have skills in video production and/or computer graphics. Ten places were made available for South Australian based artists, designers and videomakers, with strong encouragement for participants from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The participants were:

  • John Adam
  • Gavin Anderson
  • Susan Bruce
  • Dean Farrow
  • Sean Goodwin
  • Joanne Harris
  • Bronia Iwanczak
  • Eija Murch-Lempinen
  • Ron Rowe
  • Trinh Vu

Participants received training in Macromind Director and Adobe Premier, with software interfaced with video equipment and frame-grabbers, scanners and colour printers.

Funding for the school was provided by the SA Department for the Arts and Cultural Development and was held at the Croydon TAFE. Tutors for the school were David Dixon from Interact Design Services and Josephine Starrs, an Adelaide based digital artist. The Winter School was organised in conjunction with the Media Resource Centre and was coordinated by MRC Cross-cultural and Multimedia Project Coordinator and ANAT Board member, Cecelia Cmielewski.


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