Deep Immersion :: Elendil + System X

The fourth online residency of the ‘deep immersion: creative collaborations’ project. elendil, an Adelaide based artist, developed a project entitled Glyph with System X in Sydney and farmers manual in Austria. Glyph is a research project exploring visual languages, the process of constructing meanings and the attachment of symbolic structures to meaning.

He said of the project: “The idea behind Glyph is not a new one, either for myself or the artistic community as a whole. The attaching of concepts to images is the foundation of many human endeavours. The theories of language are rich and many while experiments with language are not too few to provide both guides posts and a solid footing for this project.

What is innovative here is the opportunity to form a living language, one that mutates on an as needs basis to the needs of those communicating with it. I believe this is something best facilitated by the recent technological advances of the internet.”

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