Deep Immersion :: Keith Netto + Electric.Music.Group

The second online residency of the ‘deep immersion: creative collaborations’ project to develop SonicForm, a web based sound project.The second residency in this program was for Keith Netto to work with Electric.Music.Group [EMG], an experimental web project which has been online since 1995. It was set up as an outlet for artists working in a range of technology based areas who wanted to extend their work to the Internet.

More recently, the site has focused on an exploration of online sound. The site contains a diverse range of experimental web projects and performance related archives such as Denis Beaubois’s surveillance documentary archive: In the event of Amnesia – the city will recall, and soundworks such as areasi, phases and the ridiculous toydeath web site.

SonicForm, will develop a platform for web participants to become integrally involved in the project by inviting them to go out into their local environment to source sounds for submission to SonicForm. These sounds, will be combined with those sourced from others in the SonicForm ‘community’, to become part of the online environment: this is a project premised on collaboration.

Says Netto of the project “We wander across the expanse of the net, one hyperlink to the next, in search of the next quick fix, the html-hit that provides us with transitory info bliss. The net is a place designed for the immediate satisfaction of individual desire. It’s culture has become dominated by the forces of edutainment and commerce. My intention is to create a space which can expand and deepen; a place for the reinvention of the idea of creative interactive community. Net based communities need not be bound by culture, geography or lifestyle, they
can span these boundaries as conduits of communication. I intend to use SonicForm as a vehicle to explore the notion of an online communities combined with Artificial Life to create something that is a living expression of a net community.”

It is envisaged that stage one of the project will begin with constructing a sound archive (sound fragments) using the Quicktime model that is currently used with the Areasi and toydeath sites within EMG. The next stage of the project should see a full implementation of a sound interface using Java technology, enabling true cross platform compatibility.”

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