Developing Art + Science Collaborations: Research 1997

In late 1997 ANAT ANAT conducted research focusing on the development of collaborative projects between artists and scientists. In preparation for developing programs in 1998, the objective of the research was to increase artists participation in the development of interactive exhibitions about aspects of science and technology. The focus group and associated research was undertaken by Sherryl Ryan.

The focus group was conducted with the specific aim of exploring ideas and models to increase collaboration between artists and scientists. To consummate the work of the focus group, a report addressing issues of art, technology and science collaborations is being produced.

In addition to providing a resource identifying the key concerns for potential collaborations, the research will also flag a series of models or templates for science / art collaborative projects which ANAT will develop over the coming year.

This research will inform the direction of the deep immersion program for 1998, ensuring ANAT’s science focus is made more concrete. The second phase of the program, deep immersion: scientific serendipity will be a series of residencies and collaborative projects which investigate the discrete discourses surrounding sciences and media arts and will encourage the generation of unexpected and alchemic outcomes.

The research was a joint project between the Australasian Science and Technology Exhibitors Network (ASTEN) and ANAT.

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