From 2011 – 2013, ANAT worked with its partners COFA (UNSW), UTS, University of Sydney, d/Lux Media Arts, Business Event Sydney and Events NSW to establish the ground work for The International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) 2013. ISEA2013 was an opportunity for academics, members of the creative industries, new media practitioners and contemporary artists to showcase their work and research on an international stage. ISEA is one of the most significant international events in the field of electronic arts and digital media, and attracts global leaders in the field.Held in Sydney, June 2013 along side the VIVID festival, it represented a significant occasion for collaboration with universities, cultural organisations, artists and the creative industries locally, nationally and internationally.


The bleeding edge of digital art has moved from the margins to become part of the fabric of everyday life. At once ubiquitous and unnoticed, resistance to electronic art has proven futile — it now lies embedded in the heart of our contemporary cultures.  ISEA2013 comprised a series of exhibitions, and symposium events that infused the city’s social, digital and physical infrastructure. ISEA2013 aimed to create a fluid body of thought, culture, community, industry, science and technology.

By creatively investigating the possibilities and pushing the limits of new technologies, Artists help us imaginatively experience and critically reflect on their implications for life in the 21st century. Digital electronic art is our source of innovation, the new norm in everything from publishing to TV, to radio, games, film, fashion, music, architecture, design, applications and gadgets. Ubiquitous and pervasive, digital media permeates almost all creative endeavours in everyday life and the city. The urban spaces of Sydney provided the scene for thinking through the consequences of digital life, creative industries, and contemporary electronic art practice.


Symposium: A week-long conference program brought academics of the world together.

Public lectures: Lectures held on Friday night and weekend, raised electronic art awareness to attract general public and create a forum between academics and public. The public lectures were part of the Symposium program.

Public events and exhibitions: a series of events, performances and exhibitions were coordinated with galleries aligning their programs with ISEA2013 and through links with VIVID. Gallery venues were located in Sydney, greater Sydney and interstate.

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