ANAT started life in 1984 as Interface, an art and technology event produced by the
Experimental Art Foundation for the Adelaide Festival. The success of Interface led, in 1985,
to a research-based pilot project initiated by the Experimental Art Foundation and the South
Australian Ministry of Technology
. This led to the incorporation of ANAT as an independent entity in 1988.

Over its lifetime, ANAT has supported hundreds of extraordinary artists to engage with science and technology through a diverse range of programs and opportunities. Many of these artists have gone on to achieve successful international careers, including Stelarc, Paula Dawson, John Tonkin, Patricia Piccinini, Joyce Hinterding, Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr, Tina Gonsalves, Nigel Helyer, Paul Brown, Mari Velonaki, Kirsty Boyle, Ken & Julia Yonetani, Justine Cooper, Helen Pynor & Peta Clancy and Keith Armstrong, amongst many others.

Our ability to identify and nurture artistic excellence is as strong today as it has been over the past 25 years. Our recent support of artist George Poonkhin Khut through a 2011 Synapse residency, led to him winning the 2012 National New Media Art Award and to The Westmead Children’s Hospital (the residency host organisation) and ANAT winning the 2012 National Arts Health award presented by the Australian Business Arts Foundation.

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