Category: 1995 Program

Stephan Barron: Night and Day

In association with the Experimental Art Foundation, ANAT hosted an artist’s talk in December by visiting French artist Stephan Barron. (more…)

Graham Harwood Australian Tour

During 1995 ANAT coordinate an extensive Australian tour for UK multimedia artist Graham Harwood whose new CD-ROM Rehearsal of Memory disturbs assumptions of normality whilst confronting with a clean comfortable machine filled with filth, the forbidden and demented. (more…)

AIMIA Conference 1995

ANAT coordinated a program/exhibition of screen-based new media work for the The Australasian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association (AIMIA) conference, held at the Adelaide Convention Centre  2 – 5 July 1995. (more…)

1995 Winter School

The aim of the ANAT Winter School in 1995 was to provide knowledge and practical skills in the production of multimedia titles. (more…)

1995 Summer School in Computer Aided Art & Design

ANAT’s 1995 Summer School was staged at the Academy for the Arts, Queensland University of Technology, from January 9 to 28. (more…)