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2018 Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship

Leading TV screenwriter Jane Allen (Cleverman, Janet King, Wentworth, Love Child) and award-winning novelist Dr Jesse Blackadder (Sixty Seconds, Chasing the Light) have been jointly awarded the 2018 Fellowship.

During their three month trip to Antarctica they will research, devise and write a TV series, The A- Factor, which will delve into the daily life of expeditioners at an Antarctic research station.

“This is a rare opportunity to be immersed in an Antarctic community, working alongside other expeditioners and hearing stories first-hand, which will bring an intimate authenticity to the project,” said Ms Allen.

“The A-Factor will explore the challenge, thrill, beauty and character of the icy continent and those that live and work there.”

Arts Fellows receive financial support through a partnership with the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), Create NSW will also provide development funding for this TV series.

Ms Allen and Dr Blackadder will sail south from Hobart on Australia’s icebreaker Aurora Australis at the end of October to visit Mawson research station.

In addition to the TV program the pair will also write an Antarctic adventure book series for young readers.

“Antarctica is one place on the planet that kids really want to visit, but it’s also a place that’s unfortunately out of reach,” said Dr Blackadder.

“In our series of adventure novels, six kids are chosen from an international competition to stay at the first children’s station in Antarctica where they are unexpectedly forced to survive on their own.

“This Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship will allow us to bring Antarctica alive for people around the world who aren’t lucky enough to set foot on the ice.”

Dr Blackadder has written nine novels for adults and children. She is founder of StoryBoard creative writing and is an emerging screenwriter.

Ms Allen is one of Australia’s most experienced television writers, producers and creators. She has written for over twenty different TV series, including Australian classics Blue Heelers, McLeod’s Daughters, Secret Life of Us, and Neighbours.

2018 ANAT Synapse CSIRO Residencies 

We’re delighted to announce the ANAT Synapse CSIRO Residency recipients are Carolynne Bourne, Chris Henschke and James Geurts.

Artist Carolynne Bourne will work with the CSIRO’s Daniel East to transform the micro world of the brain, neurons and micro-organelles into the macro world of objects, devices and architectural features
Read Carolynne’s ANAT Synapse CSIRO Residency blog here

Artist Chris Henschke will work with CSIRO scientist Xavier Mulet to test the potential for programmable metal organic frameworks that produce audiovisual effects.
Read Chris’s ANAT Synapse CSIRO Residency blog here

Artist James Geurts will further his research into polymer coatings and primordial goo with the CSIRO’s Richard Evans and Helmut Thissen.
Read James’s ANAT Synapse CSIRO Residency blog here

Image: Chris Henschke, An sich zerstreut, 2018, Chris is a recipient of the 2018 ANAT Synapse CSIRO Residencies

2018 ANAT Synapse Residency Program 

Synapse, an initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts and ANAT, supports collaborations between artists and scientists

The following Australian artists were awarded Synapse residencies in 2018:

Joanne Cannon + David Sly, Swinburne University
Musician and sound artist Joanne Cannon will work alongside Dr David Sly at Swinburne University’s Clinical Technologies Laboratory to construct and evaluate a physical holophonic audio system, drawing on recent software modelling, that will enable intimate and highly articulated localisation of sound sources and, potentially, real-time interaction during live performance.
Read Joanne’s ANAT Synapse Residency blog here

Natalie Alima + Jon McCormack, Monash University
Architectural artist, Natalie Alima, and Monash University’s SensiLab Director, Professor Jon McCormack, will explore ways of controlling and orchestrating biological materials and organic chemistry, using robotic intervention, algorithmic design and advanced digital fabrication, in order to advance the potential for living and breathing inhabitable designs.
Read Natalie’s ANAT Synapse Residency blog here


Image: Natalie Alima, BioHybrids, Large scale 3D printed fabricated out of Wooden biodegradable PLA.Natalie is a recipient of the 2018 ANAT Synapse Residency Program.




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