ANAT undertakes a unique program of activities that benefit the arts, culture, research, community and the economy.

Over the past few years we, as a society, have changed how we interact with groups and organisations because of the cultural shift brought about by social media.  We often align ourselves with groups or projects we have sympathy for, or an interest in, but rarely have the time to actively shape those groups or projects.

In recognising this shift ANAT has adopted a variety of ways to enable easier connection with the organisation and our activities, including:

1. A paid membership – Assisting ANAT to deliver its core activities
2. A supporter – No fee; No Governance Abilities; Updates on ANAT and Industry activities
3. Sponsorship – A larger commitment to support the organisation or specific projects

All levels of support will have access to ANAT’s Monthly Digest, Facebook and Twitter updates about ANAT and industry events and opportunities, as well as access to more in-depth discussions through Filter and Synapse.

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