1997 :: CODE RED

Continuing the international artists project, ANAT teamed up with Performance Space to create CODE RED. This international event brought together writers, artists and activists who were then interrogating and critiquing contemporary media and information culture. It dissected the mass media to open up the body of information for analysis and scrutiny.

CODE RED featured works by Cornelia Sollfrank (Germany), Geert Lovink (Netherlands) and Marko Peljhan (Slovenia), as well as Australians Brad Miller, Jeffrey Cook, Linda Wallace and Zina Kaye.

Zina Kaye remembers CODE RED as:

“a happening, a meeting of minds as much as an exhibition. [Curator] Julianne Pierce convened us as a group of maverick technologists who shared a passion for disrupting communications systems, each working in our own discipline to demystify that technology and bring it to the masses. I used Cold War listening tools and radio tracking to turn Artspace – then on Cleveland Street – into a giant microphone. It was a great opportunity to tinker and work out what could be used for social change – or simply create a sublime experience – and be in a forum where others could try using what you’d made.”

Image: CODE RED, exhibition program cover (1997)

CODE RED, exhibition program cover (1997)