A monthly Digest feature where we ask questions about the nature of creative collaborative practice, the stories artist’s tell and ANAT’s place within the art + science + technology network.

Melissa DeLaney, ANAT CEO, photograph Sia Duff FEBRUARY 2023 MELISSA DELANEY Amala Groom, dhaagun nganhundhi (the land owns me), 2018 MARCH 2023 AMALA GROOM Daniel Savage, Print By Numbers, 2015. UV cured Inkjet print on clear Vinyl, 69 x 195cm. Installation image, Blaze – Canberra, Contemporary Art Space, 2015. APRIL 2023 DANIEL SAVAGE MAY 2023 SARAH NEVILLE Artist Mac Andre Arboleda at his hometown in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines, 2020. Photo by Mac Andre Arboleda. JUNE 2023 MAC ANDRE ARBOLEDA Professor Christopher Fluke is the SmartSat Professorial Chair in space system real-time data fusion, integration, and cognition at Swinburne University of Technology. JULY 2023 CHRISTOPHER FLUKE Aushaf Widisto (2022) Photograph Andre Goosen AUGUST 2023 AUSHAF WIDISTO Ian Hobbs Precious River Performance with Sarah Jane Moore and Michael Galeazzi SEPTEMBER 2023 SARAH JANE MOORE Carollyn Kavanagh. Photograph Sia Duff. OCTOBER 2023 Carollyn Kavanagh Jenn Brazier, photograph Sia Duff NOVEMBER 2023 Jenn Brazier Wade Marynowsky, Yesterday’s Futurist, (Self Portrait with Lightsaber), 2017. Image courtesy the artist. DECEMBER 2023 Wade Marynowsky Keith Armstrong with Rattus villosissimus (Native Long Haired Rat), Arabana Country, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, 2012 (Photo Courtesy of Australian Wildlife Conservancy) FEBRUARY 2024 Keith Armstrong Chris Henschke, 2010 ANAT Synapse and 2018 ANAT Synapse CSIRO residencies recipient, at the CERN CMS (2014). Photograph by Michael Hoch. MARCH 2024 Chris Henschke Leah Barclay, image courtesy the artist. APRIL 2024 LEAH BARCLAY Lynette Wallworth, image courtesy of the artist. MAY 2024 LYNETTE WALLWORTH