SUPER HUMAN: Revolution of the Species turned the spotlight on how artist/scientist collaborations can explore what it means to be human – both now and into the future – via:

A masterclass which provided a theoretical context for emerging practices within an international framework; identified the key emerging artforms, artists and advocates; connected curators, presenting organisations and resource networks; explored the impact of gallery space and exhibition design on emerging artforms; and identified audience development and marketing strategies

An exhibition which showcased works by leading Australasian artists, revolving around three themes – cognition and neurology, augmentation and biological manipulation, and nanoscale interventions – to reframe the Cartesian body within contemporary culture

A symposium which presented an invigorating and inspiring mix of keynote speakers and collaborative research projects, each of which engaged with one or more of the above themes.

In 2009 ANAT also partnered with RiAus and the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University to present an immersive fulldome cinema experience, The Dome Project, as part of the BigPond Adelaide Film Festival (BAFF) – hear more about ANAT’s follow-up Dome Lab in next week’s post.

Artist-in-Lab Jill Scott The Electric Retina

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Image: Jill Scott, The Electric Retina (2008), interactive sculpture, 200 x 120 x 80 cm

Jill Scott, The Electric Retina (2008), interactive sculpture, 200 x 120 x 80 cm