2011 :: Portable Worlds

In 2011 ANAT partnered with Country Arts SA to present the Portable Worlds 2nd Edition 2011 Tour throughout regional South Australia. Featuring works created and/or displayed on mobile phones, Portable Worlds had been touring urban and regional Australia since 2008, exploring connection and intimacy, portability and community, scale and distance.

In his work ‘Detour 27’, participant Thom Buchanan combined drawing and video to literally ‘draw’ himself into his work. Looking back, he reflects:

“As a layered response to the process of making a piece of art my work aims to reveal the beauty of a lived environment. Making myself a subject within the work allows me to visually explore my own life’s journey and how certain events have shaped me. I have used modern technologies – digital media – coupled with the oldest of mediums – charcoal and paper – to create an imagery that can be read beyond the surface. These drawings are held in a constant state of flux, erased and reworked until the last moment when I walk into my world.

This work opened a major door to my practice. Looking back, it’s amazing the journey it sent me on.

kind regards thom”

View Thom’s work Detour 27 here.

Image: Thom Buchanan, Detour 27 (2011), video/animation – still

Thom Buchanan, Detour 27 (2011), video/animation – still