Archiving Australian Media Art

The early years of Australian digital media arts heritage are at risk. ANAT is working with key cultural institutions, to conserve key media art case studies from the archives of media arts organisations and ensure the preservation of our digital media arts heritage.

The Australian Research Council funded Archiving Australian Media Art project involves working with cultural institutions across the country to conserve significant media artworks and develop a bestpractice method for the preservation of digital media arts heritage to be shared publicly. This 3 year research project began in 2019 with our archive being deposited into the ACMI, State Library of Victoria and the State Library of South Australia collections to ensure public accessibility.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image
The Trustee for Art Gallery of NSW
State Library of South Australia
Experimenta Media Arts
dLux Media Arts Incorporated
Griffith University Art Museum

This research is funded by the Australian Government though the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Program (LP180100307)