Chris Henschke, Synthesism

Chris Henschke, Synthesism


Research Way, Clayton
27–29 November 2019, 1-7 pm

Exhibition Launch: 3pm, Wednesday 27 November

In 2018 Dr Chris Henschke undertook an ANAT Synapse CSIRO residency, working with chemists who are developing Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs). These are a novel class of programmable molecules that have unique and complex surface structures.

Chris experimented with the nature of chemical synthesis, and how this could be manifested using the MOF chemicals directly. Experiments developed which synthesize audio-visual MOF phenomena will be presented in-situ at the CSIRO Australian Manufacturing and Materials Precinct in Clayton.

For OH&S reasons, Chris’s upcoming exhibition Synthesism, in-situ at the CSIRO attendees must register to gain access to the site.
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