Lelia Jeffreys, photograph Cameron Bloom, a woman stands looking at a flock of small yellow birds, taking off from a tree.

2023 Australian Antarctic Art Fellow Lelia Jeffreys, photograph Cameron Bloom.

Australian Antarctic Divisions Art Fellowship

Australian photographer Leila Jeffreys, was awarded the 2022 Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship. The acclaimed visual artist said she was overjoyed at the rare chance to witness a remote part of the world. Covid delayed the fellowship until May 2023, when Leila voyaged to Macquarie Island to study seabirds and see the incredible work the scientists and Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service do in keeping the island a wildlife haven.

⁣Lelia says “thanks to the Fellowship, my mind has expanded exponentially, turning my focus towards the Antarctic region, its untamed beauty, the diverse wildlife it houses, and the relentless dedication of those working to protect it. This extraordinary experience has left an indelible mark on my art practice for years to come.”

Best known for visceral and mysterious images of birds that explore and subvert the traditions of portraiture, increasingly, Lelia’s work as an artist is inextricable from her concerns as an environmentalist. Working in the tradition of artist-activists, the artist collaborates with conservationists, ornithologists and sanctuaries around the world to find her subjects before forging an intimate relationship with the birds that she photographs.⁣

Lelia Jeffereys, King Penguins ponder new hobby, 2023. Image courtesy the artist.

The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship has been running since 1984 and is supported by the Australian Antarctic Division with additional support provided by ANAT since 2017.

The next round of EOIs for the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship will open in March 2024.
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