Lucy Bleach, Underground, Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart. 2015.  Materials: crushed concrete, mining truck rubber inner tubes, hosing, mobile seismic unit, motion-sensors, live global seismic signal.

Dark Matter Wonder

RMIT University Design
Corner Swanston & Victoria Streets, Melbourne
4-5.30PM, 30 November, 2019

Presented by RMIT University School of Design in association with Leonardo and ANAT
The discussion begins a program investigating opportunities for creative research wondering on dark matter
Speakers: Jeremy Mould, Lucy Bleach and Felipe Cervera
Convened by: Janine Randerson and Mick Douglas

Dark matter and dark energy is thought to make up ninety-five percent of the universe and is constantly passing through us and our planet. Research into dark matter will soon be undertaken at the Stawell Underground Physics Lab (SUPL) in Western Victoria. The Lab’s location one kilometre underground in the Stawell Gold Mine will provide necessary radiation shielding against background cosmic rays, with the research set to complement that undertaken in the northern hemisphere.

This panel discussion explores the potential of artistic research intersections with dark matter scientific research. The prospect of there being more dark matter in the cosmos than anything else is a lure for artistic poiesis and scientific hypothesis. The enigma of unseen matter that we know to be there but yet is so difficult to directly detect compels creative research beyond disciplines. How do we respond to the wonder that the universe inspires in us at a time of human induced change on earth?

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